Ogilvy’s Michael Frohlich to lead revamped IPA 44 Club

The Ogilvy UK Chief Executive will work with the IPA team to deliver an exciting programme of inspirational speakers.

Ogilvy UK Chief Executive, Michael Frohlich, has been announced as the new Chair of the IPA 44 Club.

In his role as 44 Club Chair, Michael will work with the IPA team to deliver an exciting programme of inspirational speakers from a range of fields including tech, academia and different creative industries. He will also take a seat on the IPA Council.

The new-look programme recognises that the desire to attend fantastic events shaping popular culture and addressing topical pertinent issues is something everyone who works in the industry shares. Being curious and interested is a state of mind, not an age demographic and this new series of 44 Club sessions will appeal to a broader audience than ever before.

Says Michael Frohlich, Chief Executive, Ogilvy UK and Chair of the IPA 44 Club: "I’m looking forward to working with the IPA 44 Club as Chair, especially as it begins an exciting new journey. In our industry, creativity is at the heart of all we do and we need to continually be inspired to push the boundaries of possibility for our clients and ourselves.

"That’s why it’s vital that we continually inspire our talent and broaden our horizons, to encourage new connections and new thinking. A community that champions innovation and change is what we aspire for the revamped 44 Club to be, open to everyone regardless of previous experience in the industry. I’m excited to bring some new ideas to the table, and happy we’re kicking things off with some great new events over the next few months.”

The 44 Club relaunched in April, with Baroness Susan Greenfield dissected the neuroscience behind creativity. The next IPA 44 Club sessions will see guests treated to be a screening of Rocketman at Soho House on 11 June and Caryn Franklin MBE break down the Psychology of the Objectified Woman on 11 September.

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Last updated 21 January 2022