Over 9000 attend IPA Festival of British Advertising – catch up on content here

Over 9000 people, including over 1000 school, college and university students, attended the Festival of British Advertising (8-12 March 2017).

The immersive exhibition tells the story of the cultural journey of British advertising from the past 100 years, featuring ads and props from iconic ads such as Smash Martians, ‘Your Country Needs You’ and Guinness Surfers, among others. It also offered visitors the chance to read the Channel 4 news and experiment with VR headsets. The Festival also included a range of events including sessions with Sir Martin Sorrell, David Abraham, Fay Wheldon, Fiona Bruce, Humza Arshad and Sir Ridley Scott.

Please find videos and photos from the events and a virtual tour of the exhibition below:

Opening Gala and the IPA’s Game Changers

IPA President Tom Knox’s opening speech paid homage to the IPA’s Game Changers, a list of people who stand out as having had a major influence on the last century. He was followed by key-note speaker and former adman Lord David Puttnam, who stressed the important of rebuilding trust within the industry if it is to forge ahead.

Watch the speeches here.

View the photos from the evening here.

Wonder women: changing the portrayal of gender on screen

Fiona Bruce chaired the esteemed panel, which featured Grey’s Creative Director Vicki Maguire, Author Fay Weldon CBE and Carol Cass, corporate documentary and sports film-maker, in debating the evolving role of women on screen and behind the scenes. The panel shared their experiences as women working in adland and discussed what the industry can do to improve gender equality.

Watch the full session here.

View the photos from day one of the Festival here.

The future of storytelling in an ever-changing diverse society – with Channel 4 and Google

Channel 4 News Anchor, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, led the panel of Google’s Head of Ads Marketing, Nishma Robb, Mar’s VP Marketing, Michele Oliver, Channel 4’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Dan Brooke and Actor, Comedian and Writer, Humza Arshad on discussing whether there is a truth to the lack of inclusion, the power of inclusive advertising, the creative and commercial case for brands to embrace diverse representation and how new technologies can improve the issues.

Watch the full session here.

The future of advertising

Led by Channel 4 News Anchor, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, the panel featured WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, Channel 4 CEO David Abraham and Google MD Ronan Harris, who discussed diversity, the digital duopoly of Facebook and Google and why Amazon is keeping Sir Martin Sorrell up at night.

Watch the full session here.

View the photos from day two of the Festival here.

Future of talent initiatives including Creative Pioneers2

The IPA announced several initiatives, including apprenticeships, internships, school tours and agency visits, to help attract future talent into the advertising industry. This included the launch of the 2017 Creative Pioneers2 national apprenticeship programme which, fuelled by the impending Government Apprenticeship Levy, expects to recruit around 500 new faces to the industry this year. 

View the photos from this event here.

Mad men and bad men: when British advertising met politics

From the startling political posters of the 1930’s to Harold Wilson’s so-called three wise men, recruited from ad-land to sell Labour politics to the British middle classes, the Saatchis seminal branding of Thatcherism to Trevor Beattie’s era-defining work for New Labour. Sam Delaney, author of the best-selling Mad Men and Bad Men, was joined by Bill Muirhead, Jeremy Sinclair CBE, Lord Norman Tebbit and Shaun Woodward to discuss what happened when Westminster fell in love with adland.

Watch the full session here. 

From adland to Hollywood: Sir Alan Parker on advertising

In a live Q&A film director Sir Alan Parker explained the link between his ad-making background and his iconic cinematic hit, Bugsy Malone, revealing how his career in adland prepared him for Hollywood. Following this exclusive chat, discussing, showing and celebrating Parker’s most iconic ads, there was a screening of the film itself.

Watch the full session here. 

View the photos from day four of the Festival here. 

For more information, or to watch all the videos, please visit adfest100.co.uk or our YouTube page. Join in the conversation on social media by using #AdFest100.


The IPA would like to thank our two main Festival sponsors, Google and Channel4, without whom this event would not have been possible. We'd also like to thank the production team at Studio Sixtybillion who have worked incredibly hard to make it happen. Also, a big thanks to those individuals, agencies, and companies who supported us along the way including Chapter creatives Jenny Green & Paul Ray - ably directed by M&C’s Jeremy Sinclair for pulling together the advertising campaign; The Mill for our fabulous birthday film; Outdoor Plus, Clear Channel and Campaign for media space; and all our wonderful Friends.




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