Standing on the shoulders of giants

From Newton to Ritson, Bainsfair to Baskin, conventional wisdom has it that the past holds the key to a better future, which is something that underpins the IPA’s Fundamentals of Branding course and Advertising Week Europe session.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton

“I think before you become an expert or ninja or guru/visionary in marketing you should learn the discipline. I think before you start creating new rules and insights you should know what the existing ones are. I think before you explain how marketing is changing you should understand what it was before you started announcing the change.” - Mark Ritson, columnist and marketing professor.

With this in mind, the IPA is once again running its “Fundamentals of Branding”one-day course where junior practitioners will be taught to think more purposefully about how communication and advertising works. By reviewing the philosophies, models of thinking and methodologies of the past, they will be encouraged to reflect on how those schools of thought can be applied or evolved for their current clients.

The IPA will also be hosting a ‘Fundamentalism of the Advertising Kind’ session at 15:45 on Monday at Advertising Week Europe, which will offer a fast-paced whizz through the key theories of how brands work in order to add value to our clients' businesses, hosted by Merry Baskin.

Says Course Chair Merry Baskin: “We forget our past at our peril. Far too few of us have a clearly articulated theory of what brands are for, or how advertising works, and yet we work in that industry and expect our clients to heed our advice and pay us money for it.”

The course is the brainchild of IPA Director General, Paul Bainsfair who says, “In order to break the rules, you first have to understand them.”

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Last updated 21 January 2022