timeTo understand how the pandemic has changed behaviours

A new timeTo survey will address specific concerns as businesses begin to return to the office.

The timeTo Steering Committee are launching a new survey to help understand just how much things have changed during the pandemic and how the combination of remote working and return to office environment has impacted on people’s experience of sexual harassment.

The anonymous survey will help the industry understand whether incidents of sexual harassment have continued to occur in the advertising and marketing industry since the start of lockdown. And if they have, whether they vary when compared to people’s experience before lockdown, whether that experience is different by gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The results of the survey will also look at specific concerns as businesses begin to return to the office and help develop a strategy for the industry as we move ahead into the new normal.

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The first timeTo survey was completed by 3,580 people, and shaped the timeTo code of Conduct.

Last updated 21 January 2022