ipa.co.uk ongoing improvements

Website Update

IPA Digital Transformation update

ipa.co.uk ongoing improvements

Two and half years ago the IPA set out on a digital transformation journey, the primary objectives of which were to improve the member experience, offer greater self-service (on any device) and provide more relevant member communication.  

The project combined the delivery of a new CRM, with integration to our Learning Management System, Finance system, as well as a new IPA website. Phase one of the project launched on 24 October 2018. Since then we have seen good usage of the site as the numbers below show…

  • 12,224 Registered Users (10,330 Members)
  • 9,058 CPD Diaries created (6,164 Completed)
  • 359 Course Bookings (total delegates 422)
  • 774 Event Bookings (total delegates 1099)
  • 1,928 Quals & Accredited MIPA Course Bookings (total candidates 2490)
  • 86 Jobs posted
  • 538 Tenders posted
  • 578 Publications purchased
  • 516 Free publications download
  • 376 Legal enquires logged
  • 1104 Insight enquiries logged

However, we are also aware of issues with the website, especially around the CPD Diary system. We’ve listened to your feedback and have worked hard to improve the website. With our digital partners we have rolled out 173 bug fixes and improvements to the site since launching six months ago. There are still a handful of known bugs to fix this month before we start work on a number of change requests aimed at improving the user experience.

Phase 2

The previous IPA website existed for 11 years with new functionality added each year. This is partly why the new IPA site didn’t include all the previous features at launch, but we are looking to re-introduce this functionality in Phase 2 and will also be asking our members to help decide what we build next on the site.

Phase 2 is expected to start towards the end of June with potential features such as:

  • Email tender alerts
  • Automate the Pitch Protection service
  • Purchase history of publications for re-downloading

If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in touch with Jason Pittock, Head of Digital & Data on jason@ipa.co.uk


Last updated 21 January 2022