What’s new for TouchPoints in 2019?

The advertising industry get a better picture of consumer's daily life from the 2019 TouchPoints data, released early September.

TouchPoints tracks the media consumption and habits of multiple target markets, painting a picture of a consumer’s daily life and making it an essential tool for everyone in the advertising industry. With the launch of the tenth edition of TouchPoints next month, we’re looking ahead to what we can expect when the data is released on 12 September.

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What's new?

The 2019 TouchPoints Survey will include new statements and questions on:

  • TV and Streaming (e.g.):

    • live-streaming options
    • watching TV and non-broadcast content on smaller screens alone vs. with other people
    • watching short video content on YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp
    • watching on-demand, catch-up and online TV/film services
  • Podcasts (e.g.):

    • the number of individual episodes listened to each week
    • reasons for listening
    • which service is being used to listen (e.g. iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.)
  • Voice (e.g):

    • using to access news (national, regional and magazines)
    • using for connectivity (e.g. email and messaging)
    • using for daily life (e.g. shopping)
  • Technology and Gaming (e.g.):

    • internet activities, emerging technology and voice activated devices
    • mobile phones usage
    • gaming activities and e-sports
    • messaging services
  • Lifestyle (e.g.):

    • dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian)
    • e-cigarettes usage
    • actively reducing plastic usage/meat consumption
    • the addition of hungry as an emotion for the first time
    • paid subscriptions to online news/journalism

2019 TouchPoints data will be released on 12 September. Find out more and subscribe at: ipa.co.uk/touchpoints

Last updated 21 January 2022