What’s your social media personality?

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Do you like experimenting or stick to tried and trusted formula? Is your measure of success the influence generated by a campaign or its financial return? How can you make your social media strategy more effective?

Find out where your social media priorities lie by taking our quiz and identifying what type of social media marketer you are.

The quiz then will lead you to relevant sections from the IPA’s free Social Works guides on topics from measurement and integrating social to personalising the customer experience, helping you to build on your strengths and challenge your weaknesses.

The initial results suggest marketers in the UK are far more likely than their US and Australian counterparts to be ‘Detectives’, querying data and looking for the reasons behind trends and behaviour.

Meanwhile, social media marketers in the US are more likely to be ‘Improvisers’, testing multiple approaches and swapping techniques on the fly, while those in Australia are more likely to be ‘Bakers’, behaviour that is associated with being more methodical and consistent.

The #IPASocialWorks guides are available to download for free from the IPA website.

Last updated 21 January 2022