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TouchPoints is the IPA’s unique, consumer-centric, cross-media, cross-device database and is fast becoming one of the must-have databases for the industry with over 60 companies now subscribing.



TouchPoints provides three distinct databases: The first database, the Hub Survey, provides a detailed view of ‘a week in the life’ of consumer behaviour. Respondents record their activities for every waking half hour over a seven day period, giving a unique view of people's daily lives and how their media usage fits into these patterns.

"We have been able to use TouchPoints to add value to our bespoke client data which has given us new consumer insights as well as given us implications for our scheduling. We don’t know what we would do without it now."
Mark Greenstreet, Carat Insight

TouchPoints1 was published in 2006, TouchPoints2 in 2008, TouchPoints3 in 2010, TouchPoints4 in 2012, TouchPoints5 in 2014, TouchPoints6 in 2015 and now TouchPoints 2016.

The second database, the TouchPoints Channel Planner is the only industry-available, cross-media channel planner. It has been created by integrating the industry media currencies onto the Hub Survey.

The third database is the Passive Data, which is created by passively monitoring respondent’s smartphones and tablets, which delivers a deeper insight into mobile digital media consumption.

In addition, users can integrate their own databases or proprietary tools to build a more complete picture of their company, clients and brands.

TouchPoints 2016 Daily Life Launch

The TouchPoints Daily Life dataset from the seventh TouchPoints Survey is now available to subscribers. Major new insights include media consumption by device, dual-screening, shopping patterns, mobile and tablet usage etc.

The TouchPoints 2016 smartphone respondents were also asked to download a passive app which passively monitors all the activity on their smartphones and tablets including location.

View presentations from the launch event held at BAFTA London on Thursday 15th September 2016.

Last updated 11th May 2017

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