CPD Short Courses

Five free online training modules covering a wide range of key topics to help you run your agency or business better. Access them whenever it suits you.

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Since we launched our CPD programme, we've been collecting evidence to support the business case for continuous learning and training. The feedback? It's 100% positive. That's why we created this free online training. You can access it whenever you want. The training covers a wide range of key topics to help you run your agency or business better.

CPD Short Courses

The Modules

1. Welcome & Induction

This module is essential for anyone involved in any kind of hiring, from apprentice to senior management. The results are more engaged recruits and lower churn.

Access Welcome & Induction

2. Planning & Training Programme

If you recognise the inter-relation between training and business and want to set up a programme quickly and cost-effectively, this is for you.

It's a three-part module to help you create a training programme which will help meet your business goals.

Access Planning & Training Programme

3. Evaluating Training

Looking to understand and champion the relationship between training and business performance: in CPD, HR, Training, Finance or Senior Management?

This essential three-part module shows you how to pinpoint and quantify its value properly, and make improvements.

Access Evaluating Training

4. Effective Appraisals

The appraisal lies at the heart of successful CPD. Staff want to know that time and effort invested in learning and training is recognised. This three-part module is essential to train staff to run a proper appraisal system to achieve better career development, staff retention, succession planning, and agency growth.

Access Effective Appraisals

 5. The Business Plan

Have you come up with a great business idea that needs backing?  This three-part module will help you write the definitive business plan to help you convince would-be stakeholders to invest.

 Access The Business Plan



Last updated 01 May 2024