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There are no limits to how often you can use our services. We're here to help you with any aspect of running an agency or handling your client's business.

Being an IPA member lets you draw on a huge repository of advertising knowledge and advice. You can make use of our free legal, financial and production advisory services. Download the tools you need to protect your agency in the pitch process or discover valuable insights to help with campaign planning and idea generation.

We can help you with any aspect of running an agency whether it's about the people or the infrastructure costs. And we can help you handle your client's business too, from campaign planning to pricing and billing models. Whatever you need help with, just ask. And if you need the written stuff then take a look at the Knowledge Centre. It's an online library of everything we have ever published.

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Member Advice and Support


    This service is used by over 80% of our members. It's free and for some, it's the main reason to be a member. The team, led by Richard Lindsay covers advertising/marcomms and employment law. IP, the CAP Codes, contracts, GDPR, clearance questions are our bread and butter. Then, there are the people issues of disciplinaries, TUPE transfers, redundancies and managing absences.

    Financial and Commercial

    We understand the responsibilities that come with ensuring your agency has a future. We invite you to join our drive to help you grow as a practitioner, grow your client base and ultimately grow your business.


    Whether you need help with a new business pitch, market research advice or an internal brainstorm, we have the research and data.


    So you are making a commercial and have hit a snag? Maybe with a visa, or with clearance? Perhaps you need to understand the rules of running an international campaign. Don't worry, just call and our experts will help solve the problem quickly and easily.

    The Pitch Centre

    New biz is exciting, but it pays to be careful you don't give all your ideas away for nothing. We understand the pitch process and protecting your agency's work when it comes to pitching is just one of the ways we can help.

    Job Listing

    IPA member agencies can post jobs for free on the IPA website, please email to be set up.

    Save £££ on Industry Research

    You can access industry research like ABC, BARB, JICRIT, NRS and Route at discounted rates. You'll also be able to access our unique TouchPoints Survey, which gives unrivalled insights into the relationship between consumers’ daily lives and their media usage.

    Please get in touch if you need any more information about our members or if you are thinking about joining.

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    Head of New Member Acquisition

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    Last updated 02 December 2020