Gain valuable insights into the daily habits and media moments of your target market.

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The IPA’s TouchPoints database was created to meet the needs of the communications industry. It offers agencies, media owners and advertisers unique insights into the daily life and media usage of people in Great Britain.

How TouchPoints can help your business

TouchPoints is an essential tool for everyone in the advertising industry. We already have over 70 subscribers including the top ten media agencies and media owners covering all areas of the business. 

By highlighting the habits and media moments of multiple target markets, TouchPoints helps us understand the context of media consumption throughout the day or across a week. These insights can help you with your communication planning and buying.

It creates a 360-degree view of people’s daily lives and all the information you need to successfully implement cross-media channel planning.

Recently TouchPoints 2020 revealed: 

  • During the lockdown, only 22% of British adults visited a workplace, compared to 61% pre-lockdown.
  • The lockdown saw a 25% increase in the amount of time spent preparing food and a 36% increase in time spent doing hobbies.
  • The amount of people visiting a supermarket for a main shop dropped by 13% under lockdown, while time spent at the supermarket rose by 7% for those that went.
  • The weekly reach of subscription VoD services now stands at over 50% of GB adults.
  • Video calling went from 33% weekly reach for all adults (pre-lockdown) to 62% during the lockdown - an increase of 87% in few short weeks.

How TouchPoints works

 TouchPoints provides two distinct databases:

  1. TouchPoints Daily Life offers a detailed view of ‘a week in the life’ of consumer behaviour.
  2. The TouchPoints Channel Planner is the only industry-available, cross-media channel planner. It has been created by integrating the industry media currencies onto TouchPoints Daily Life, including BARB, FAME, JICREG, JICMAIL, PAMCo, RAJAR, Route, and UKOM. For product and brand information we also integrate TGI and YouGov.

TouchPoints has also been designed to facilitate the integration of clients’ own datasets or proprietary tools. For 2020 we have just launched a new integration with BARB to allow users to plan TV using TouchPoints behavioural targets in TechEdge.

The TouchPoints data can be analysed within software bureaux systems such as Telmar, via MediaTel Connected, on the DayLite dashboard and also in raw Respondent Level Data format via Google BigQuery.

How we collect TouchPoints data

TouchPoints Daily Life is based on a representative sample of over 6,000 adults aged 15+, living in Great Britain.

Each respondent is asked to:

  • Keep a diary via their mobile phone, detailing their activities every half an hour over seven days
  • Complete an online questionnaire about how they spend their daily lives covering attitudes, shopping and media behaviour
  • Download an app onto their mobile phone and tablet which passively measures their mobile use over a period of a week.

View the most recent TouchPoints Questionnaire

TouchPoints Channel Planner

The TouchPoints Daily Life data set is expanded onto the BARB Establishment Survey. This creates an average of nine clones for every TouchPoints Daily Life respondent giving us an operational sample size of approximately 50,000.

This expansion allows all industry media currency respondents to be used in the integration process and this technique substantially strengthens the match of media research currencies to TouchPoints. These integrations create the database which delivers cross media channel planning.

Where we do not currently have industry currencies (e.g. VoD) we model the data from our own diary and self-completion questionnaires.

Confused about the Channel Planner? Here's a great Channel Planner explainer video to show you how it all works.

TouchPoints: What's New

To help keep you up to date with all of the new developments in TouchPoints 2020, we have created a What’s New in TouchPoints presentation. This presentation looks at the new developments in the questionnaire and eDiary, including key topics and themes.

In addition to the launch of the 2020 IPA TouchPoints data, the IPA has published the third edition of the landmark report  Making sense – The commercial media landscape.

Making Sense - The commercial media landscape is designed to help planners and advertisers better understand the commercial media landscape and some of the changes which occurred as the country went into lockdown. Making Sense - The commercial media landscape is an annual publication and the 4th edition will be published in February 2022.

Infographic Archive

With each annual release of TouchPoints data, new infographics are created. Discover insights from previous years in the TouchPoints infographic archive.

Useful TouchPoints Tools

To help you understand how you can benefit from TouchPoints data try these easy to use tools:

  • DayLite - A quick and easy way to find out the daily media habits of a range of target markets.
  • ARC by TouchPoints is a quick ready reckoner to provide cover curves for each medium showing cover build vs GRPs. This tool will help you to estimate coverage based on different audiences, different GRP weights and different media.
  • TouchPoints e-learning - Training and online module for newcomers.

How brands have used TouchPoints 

  • TouchPoints helped identify key drinking moments for Fullers 
  • TouchPoints identified opportunities in the non-linear audio space for BBC 
  • TouchPoints helped inform the strategic approach with behavioural insight for MEC Public Health 

Access further examples in TouchPoints Works and TouchPoints Works 2 publications.

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Last updated 17 March 2021

TouchPoints data adds an important dimension of emotion, which allows us to better understand consumers' behaviour. However, for us, the most exciting part of TouchPoints is the availability to overlay this emotional data with time, media consumption and other relevant actions