How Psychological Safety Powers Innovation

How to recognise and create psychological safety

In this interactive session with People Spark's Founder Helen Joy, we will talk about what psychological safety is, how it impacts innovation, recognising how psychologically safe your environment is and how you can move towards creating higher levels of psychological safety in your business.


Innovation plays a critical role in ensuring organisations continue to evolve, stretch boundaries and stay ahead of their competition. It helps build customer loyalty and satisfaction, attracts top talent and enhances brands.

Innovation requires environments where people can think creatively, challenge the status quo and take calculated risks, collaborate comfortably, share differing perspectives and learn from failures without fear of negative consequences. In these environments, psychological safety is the norm and individuals trust and are trusted to do the right thing.

Following this session, you will:

  • Understand what psychological safety means.
  • Be able to identify different levels of psychological safety.
  • Understand how it impacts levels of innovation.
  • Be aware of steps you can take to improve levels of psychological safety in your environment.

Helen Joy:

Helen Joy is the Founder of People Spark, a Learning & Development consultancy focusing on Leadership & Management Development. She has spent over 20 years working with managers and leaders, helping them to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to create great teams. With a focus on delivering engaging and interactive sessions, Helen creates bespoke training for organisations across the professional services spectrum. She believes in a people-first approach, recognising that the smallest changes in behaviours and mindsets can lead to the biggest impacts.

Last updated 01 May 2024