IPA Training Forum: Insights on Recruiting Gen Z

Help in tailoring your recruitment approach to Gen Z

Join Mae, Co-Founder of ERIC, as she unveils a captivating journey through the world of Gen Z recruitment. Discover the intriguing insights drawn from the ERIC app, enriched with real-life stories and compelling visual examples illustrating how today's youth make critical decisions about their careers and future employers.


During this session you will:

  • Gain deep insights into Gen Z's online consumption patterns when it comes to career-related content, and learn how to effectively tap into these behaviors for your recruitment strategies.
  • Uncover the key attributes and qualities that Gen Z actively seek in potential employers, helping you tailor your recruitment approach to better align with their preferences.
  • Identify terminologies and communication styles that might not resonate with Gen Z, allowing you to avoid common pitfalls and establish more meaningful connections with this demographic.
  • Discover which types of job opportunities and career paths resonate most with Gen Z, enabling you to target your recruitment efforts more precisely and effectively.

Date and Timings:

  • Tuesday 20 February, 10am - 11am online


Mae, the co-founder of ERIC a Gen Z career app, is all about breaking down barriers in the creative industries. Inspired by her own struggles, she created ERIC to help others follow their creative passions. ERIC has already empowered over 150,000+ Gen Zers to explore creative careers and help organisations connect with the next generation of talent.

Last updated 01 May 2024