IPA Training Forum: Retaining and supporting talent after extended leave

Retaining talent after extended leave

In this interactive session, Leila Travis, Company Founder and Executive Coach, invites you to explore how organisations can better support talent after being out of the workforce for an extended period, and how this can positively impact not just individuals… but teams, organisations, the industry, and wider society.


Not having the right or sufficient support before, during and after an extended period of leave, can be costly. For an individual, it can affect their mental health and sometimes career; for businesses, it can mean losing talent and money.

What opportunities exist to improve the experience for everyone involved? What is happening when everything is going well? What is happening when things go badly? How can we raise awareness in ourselves and others to ensure we are doing everything in our power to support people, in a truly effective way? What are the core reasons why a significant number of people leave a job soon after returning to work? What can we do to minimise the risk of losing talent from the industry?

Leila will be sharing key insights and encouraging you to participate, with your own experiences and views. It is a unique opportunity, as a peer group, to share learnings and become a collective force for good.


Leila Travis is an Executive Coach and facilitator, accredited by the Association for Coaching. She is founder of Leila Travis Coaching, and an associate at The Coach House. Before embarking on a coaching career, Leila worked in Media for 20 years at companies such as ITV, WPP, Publicis, Total Media and Thinkbox. As well as her coach training and experience, she brings to her work and this session a breadth of knowledge and understanding from working within the Media industry. 

Leila has two girls, Molly (6) and Margot (3) and has herself experienced the highs and lows of parental leave.

Her ultimate purpose is to help individuals and businesses to thrive.



Last updated 01 May 2024