Midweight Strategist

Job description

Job Overview

As a Strategist you will help to represent the voice of the consumer in Billion Dollar Boy and form part of the team responsible for developing the key strategic insights that underpin our advertising ideas.

You will work closely with the client to research the market and understand the consumer. In answer to your client’s business brief you will help formulate a brand communications strategy, followed by the creative brief that will be used by the agency’s creative teams to produce the creative ideas.

Role & Responsibilities

Working with clients and Account Management teams to fully understand their business objectives and asks from the brief.

Analysing and extracting findings from consumer, brand and market research to support the preparation of brand communication strategies and creative briefs.

Supporting and championing the creative development process, including briefing and enthusing creative teams, and preparing feedback in response to consumer research findings.

Gathering data and insights using social listening, media and trend forecasting tools.

Preparing strategic learnings and recommendations to report on the effectiveness of campaigns.

Keeping up-to-date with market research trends and methodologies, and communicating these with the direct and wider teams.

Maintaining a detailed awareness of relevant market trends affecting our client base, and developments in the wider advertising and communications industry.

Leading strategic thinking and presenting work to clients.

Working With

Internal: Account Management team; Strategy team (reporting into a Senior Strategist); Creative team; Data team

External: Client Marketing team; other agencies in the client’s roster e.g. Media, PR; Research organisations; talent & members of the public

2-4 years of strategy experience in relevant digital and creative agencies – consulting and client-side experience will also be a consideration.
Knowledge of how Strategy intrinsically links with creative, and how it should be approached across the media mix, as well as an in-depth knowledge of best practices on digital and social platforms.
A love and genuine interest in influencers and creator marketing is a plus.
Always asking questions, looking for new insights and using that knowledge to map opportunities for the future

Adept in lateral, analytical and strategic thinking; you will be able to apply creative thinking to business problems.

Skilful in differentiating core advertising ideas from your executional treatments, and astute in assessing when these meet the brief and how you will influence behaviour.

Steadfast in guiding creative work to meet the brief and committed to nurturing work that does so.

Highly numerate and able to understand, interpret and use complex and varied sources of data and statistics.

Strong and persuasive communicators, able to simplify research and strategic thinking.

Fascinated by human behaviour, social trends, and how ideas influence people. A genuine love for influencer and creator marketing.

Confident at presenting ideas and proactive in sharing thoughts and discoveries.

Knowledgeable about their client’s business and market, and where and how advertising contributes to success.

The Package

A part of what we offer at BDB is a considerate suite of competitive benefits, which will be discussed with you throughout the interview process.

The Agency

About Billion Dollar Boy

Billion Dollar Boy offers global data & insight, strategy, creative, production, paid media and end to end campaign management using industry leading proprietary software to deliver highly effective & efficient creator led advertising campaigns at scale.

Since 2014, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading brands, including Heineken, King, Nintendo, PepsiCo, Campari Group, Primark, Shiseido, and L’Oreal.

Our client campaigns have been awarded at the 2022 Cannes Lions, Influencer Marketing Awards, Webby Awards, The Drum Awards and Adweek.

We were among the first global creator marketing agencies and we have evolved to be one of the world’s fastest-growing agencies, with offices in London, New York and New Orleans.

We view creator marketing as a discipline, not an add-on - and bring this perspective into all of our agency offerings, proving the true value of influencer integration.

Our people set us apart, and our vision is to set a new standard of advertising to change its culture for the better.

We are also an official marketing partner of Meta, TikTok and YouTube.

Our Culture

Billion Dollar Boy is a hyper-caffeinated transatlantic creative agency with 100+ employees and counting in London, New York and New Orleans. We are actively creating campaigns across 7 continents with top brands spanning categories of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, consumer goods, food and beverage and automotive. We are harnessing the power of influencers to win hearts, catch eyes and reinvent advertising as we know it.

We encourage employees to be open and confident and appreciate that every member of the team makes a vital difference. Outside working hours we enjoy regular socials, team lunches and team building.

Our Values

- Collaboration is key
- Creative to the core
- Quality at scale
- Integrity & Inclusion is everything
- We encourage employees to be open and confident and appreciate that every member of the team makes a vital difference.

Billion Dollar Boy embraces equality, diversity and inclusion and will seek to promote these benefits in all of our business activities.

When recruiting new employees or when affording our current employees with opportunities for promotion, it means that we will:

- Recruit, develop and retain the most talented people, regardless of their background and make best use of their talents;
- Not discriminate unlawfully against any person;
- Select the best person for the job in terms of qualifications and abilities.

This sets out our approach to equal opportunities and the avoidance of discrimination at work.