Four agencies join IPA membership

Mediabridge, M.i. Media, Osaka Labs and We are Boutique were elected into IPA membership

The IPA are pleased to announce that Mediabridge, M.i. Media, Osaka Labs and We are Boutique were elected into IPA membership at its quarterly Council meeting on 23 March.

Introducing our new members:


Audience insights company GWI worked with Mediabridge to globally activate its new brand and increase awareness. OoH was lead channel, providing broad reach on a local level, delivering impact and brand stature, using a mix of digital and static formats to capture attention. This was a highly provocative and contextual campaign that spanned London, NY, Australia and Singapore. It got the public and business talking, increasing brand perception and helped GWI smash their awareness KPIs. The overall business impact was substantial. GWI had been a brand struggling to get seen; they became the growth leaders in their category, thereafter achieving unicorn status, gaining Series B funding of +£130m.

The IPA is home to the finest and most successful agencies in the UK advertising profession. Consequently, as a start-up, IPA accreditation will be an endorsement of our credibility and enhance Mediabridge’s positioning within the highly competitive OoH industry. It is vital to equip ourselves with proper controls, information and inspiration to thrive. In addition to research and insight resources, as well as pitch support, we are excited to be establishing best practices to provide continuous professional development for our teams to develop further in our fast growth business. Engagement on all aspects of IPAs services will enable us to keep advancing as an agency.

M.i. Media

M.i. Media are an independent media agency focussed on ‘Accelerating Growth’ for our clients. Over the past 10 years, we’ve grown to a 40 strong team managing c.£50m in annual billings across all channels for clients ranging from Charities to Finance, Ecommerce and Gaming. In addition to driving growth for our clients, we also have ambitions for the growth of our business with our people at its heart. We admire what the IPA stands for, its championing of industry best practice and its focus on Effectiveness - M.i. are already the proud winners of 2 media-driven IPA effectiveness awards, in 2018 for doubling the revenues of 32Red and in 2022 for helping MSF raise an incremental £196m across a 10+ year relationship.

M.i. Media was set up to “do the right thing” and we see IPA membership as the next positive step in our growth journey. We want to engage with IPA membership to support in enhancing the training and development of our teams and be accountable to CPD standards. We’ve also recently submitted for B-Corp status and look forward to contributing positively to initiatives that will help drive diversity and inclusion within the industry. Overall, M.i. Media sees IPA membership as a catalyst with the potential to guide, inspire and accelerate our growth.

Osaka Labs

Part of the joy of working in an agency comes from getting to collaborate with clients from various industries, and Osaka Labs is fortunate to work with clients ranging from Financial Services to Retail to Music. Some of our proudest work recently is with Fortnum & Mason, helping a brand over 300 years old to reach new audiences, and with Yamaha Corporation and their International Women’s Day campaign which used their platform across multiple markets to empower women in music.

There are three key reasons Osaka Labs wanted to join the IPA. Firstly, we believe in being accountable to our clients for the performance of our work, committing to the highest standards and best practice within the industry. Joining the IPA demonstrates our commitment to this. Secondly, we wanted our team to have the advantage of learning from the best in advertising so we can continue to innovate, and access to the IPA’s learning and development resources will enable this. Finally, as an agency we are continually experimenting with new creative and media practices. The IPA will give us the opportunity to have a wider impact within the industry, drive innovation, and showcase the brilliant work we do.

We are Boutique

Boutique has evolved significantly over recent years and as the business has grown, our diversity of services has increased. This has allowed us to work more collaboratively and comprehensively to help our clients grow their businesses. This is best represented in the work for Best Heating, whom we launched in the PR space, improved their digital marketing, launched (and subsequently grown) their TV investment and in 2022 completed a rebrand to continue their rapid growth. Since we began our partnership, the client has grown 558% in turnover.

We’re increasingly keen to be part of a community and finding collaboration and support in the agency world is increasing. The IPA supports this. In addition, the resource and support on training and development and diversity are two key pillars of our business that the membership will benefit.

I’m delighted that Mediabridge, M.i. Media, Osaka Labs and We are Boutique have joined the IPA community. They are exciting agencies and will add to the variety and breadth of talent within our membership. Everyone at the IPA is looking forward to working with them in the coming years.

Tom Mott, Director of Membership, IPA


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Last updated 01 May 2024