Carolyn Stebbings

Chief Operating & Inclusion Officer at RAPP

Carolyn is Chief Operating and Inclusion Officer for RAPP Group UK. Having worked for both owner-managed and global holding companies, she has held a number of positions in precision marketing services agencies over the years.

The last 15 have been in data and tech is where she has really found my niche. Working with many global blue chip brands over this time it’s been her goal to ensure brands use their data ethically and their technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences. During all this, she's constantly looked to find ways to put something back, break glass ceilings and help those from marginalised communities to be the best they can be. 

With excellent interpersonal skills, business acumen and exemplary professional ethics her role has responsibilities for both operational excellence as well as humbly driving the DE&I agenda of the UK RAPP Group.  

What are your reasons for becoming a TLG member?

Every day is a day to learn and grow and TLG offers me the opportunity to make a difference in the industry with a group of like-minded individuals.

Why are you passionate about diversity and inclusion

My purpose in life is to support and help individuals from marginalised groups to be the best they can be. My past is littered with me being the beneficiary of such acts. When I felt low, unappreciated and aimless a beacon of light has always appeared. An individual that reminded me of what I was capable of. They saw in me, untapped energy and ability. Gave me time and space to fail and helped pick me back up and dust off that failure. Individuals that helped me realise that the power balance doesn’t have to sit with the higher uppers. That I can contribute and influence. I owe it to those that helped me to pay it forward. After all, all boats rise with the tide.

Last updated 01 July 2024