Advertising Unlocked for Schools/Colleges

We are delighted to announce that Adverting Unlocked returns this year on Wednesday 9 November 2022!

Despite being postponed for two years due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat, our long-term ambition remains the same; to bring together the advertising industry to provide an educational opportunity for young people who may not have considered a career in advertising before. Please complete the form below to register your participation for the "Open Day" on Wednesday 9 November.

By being involved in Advertising Unlocked your students will be introduced to the types of roles and career pathways available across the industry by some of the top advertising agencies in the world. Advertising Unlocked helps young people discover their skills and get insider career advice at zero cost.

We are reaching out to state-education establishments and C2DE-economic background individuals, but we welcome any interested schools to participate.

What does my school/college have to do?

We’d ask you to;

  • Commit to attending and get correct permissions
  • Stay in contact and work with your allocated agency to confirm details
  • Arrange transport to make sure you can get there on the day

To confirm your school would like to take part on Wednesday 9 November, please fill in the below form with the contact details of the person who will be leading on the day. The form will give you the opportunity to let us know if you are already in contact with an agency you would like to be matched with. Once you’ve registered we will then follow up with further details and updates.

Best wishes
The IPA Advertising Unlocked team, email: [email protected]

Last updated 31 March 2022