Presentation: The long and short of it

10 insights from the wide-ranging research into IPA Databank cases

In this summary presentation from their full report, "The long and short of it", renowned effectiveness experts Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness at adam & eve DDB, and Peter Field, the marketing consultant, outline 10 insights from their wide-ranging research into IPA Databank cases operating over both short and long-term timescales.

10 Key principles for success

  1. Support volume and price
  2. Build sales and saleability
  3. Talk to all your prospects
  4. Balance head and heart
  5. Aim for fame
  6. Creativity increases efficiency
  7. Share of voice matters more than ever
  8. Integrate brand and activation
  9. Balance brand and activation SOV
  10. Measure short and long-term effects

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