Econometrics and the C-suite

Evidence-based decision-making for business

How econometrics can help make marketing more accountable, more effective, and more profitable. What you can do with it, and how it can make you money.

Econometrics and the C-suite

Econometrics is a proven discipline in advertising and communications, but its value as a predictive tool for developing cohesive business strategies for organic growth across the wider business portfolio and marketing mix – from pricing to distribution, portfolio management to budgeting – is less well developed.

Econometrics in the C-suite seeks to address this planning gap.

If you are a CMO, CFO or CEO looking to understand the role that econometrics can play in scenario planning and long-term brand-building at profit, then this publication is for you.

Similarly, if you are an econometrics provider, consultant or partner agency to the C-suite, we bring you a series of case studies from leaders in the field to help your most senior clients understand the future potential for econometrics in wider business decision-making, based on evidence-based principles and practices.

Econometrics in the C-suite is written as a standalone publication, but it can be read as a companion to one of the most enduring and downloaded IPA publications Econometrics Explained 2 – essential reading for those new to the discipline who want to master marketing effectiveness.