Earn as you learn

How you can achieve five learning stars for Personal Membership

To qualify as a Personal Member, an Accredited MIPA, you will need to earn five stars of IPA learning and achieve CPD accreditation in each of the previous three calendar years.

You can earn stars by completing relevant IPA courses and qualifications and by authoring papers entered for the IPA Effectiveness Awards. The IPA offers a wide variety of courses and qualifications, spanning its four learning levels of Foundation, Essentials, Advanced and Excellence, which are worth one or more stars. The full list is below. You can choose any combination to reach five stars.

For more information on these courses and qualifications please email [email protected].

Foundation Level

Essentials Level

Advanced Level

Excellence Level

*The prices shown in this table are the discounted rates available only to IPA Associates and employees of IPA member agencies or Accelerators agencies. Otherwise the full-price rates apply.

Last updated 01 May 2024