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The IPA Accelerator scheme, sponsored by Moore Kingston Smith, is designed to give up-and-coming agencies whose Gross Income is less than the £500k required for IPA Corporate Membership some guidance, help and inspiration as they grow their businesses.

Please see the IPA Rule Book for the IPA definitions of an agency (Rule 1) and Gross Income (Rule 31).

Listed below are the benefits and resources on offer to Accelerator agencies. We hope that, in due course, our Accelerators will progress to Corporate Membership, which opens up access to the full range of services and benefits. Please note that being part of the Accelerator scheme qualifies an agency to describe itself as an IPA Accelerator agency but not as an IPA member or member agency – the IPA Accelerator scheme and IPA Corporate Membership are different forms of engagement.

The non-refundable Accelerator subscription fee is £1,000 (excluding VAT) for 12 months.

Please direct any queries about Accelerator to

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Resources on offer to Accelerator agencies

    Moore Kingston Smith

    Moore Kingston Smith – the only firm of accountants and advisors with a dedicated media office where over 100 media specialists proactively support independent businesses – sponsor and support the Accelerator scheme. Using their experience in the sector they work with agencies to help maximise growth and profit potential.

    Legal content

    Access to the following documents by emailing

    • IPA Accelerator client/agency Ts&Cs for creative services
    • Template consultancy agreement via a service company
    • Consultancy agreement template for individual consultants
    • Employment template: Specimen Contract of Employment
    • Employment template: Equal Opportunities Policy

    Talent: Professional development

    Access to a CPD diary for each employee.

    Member rate access to all IPA courses and qualifications.

    Talent: Recruitment and management

    Free access to the IPA Jobs Board to advertise vacancies.

    Help with finding an HR consultant via emailing

    Insight reports

    Free access to the Insight Centre’s published online reports, including Audience Profiles and Trend Perspectives.

    Publications, reports and case studies

    Engage in IPA surveys

    Opportunity to participate in and receive output from IPA surveys.

    Online communities

    Access to the IPA Client Relationship Network and the IPA New Business Network LinkedIn groups to participate in the debate around best practice and thought leadership.


    Member rate access to IPA awards, events, seminars and conferences.

    Pitch protection

    Access to the IPA pitch deposit facility, as well as to new business best practice guidance.

    For access to the Client/Agency Pre-Pitch NDA template, please email

    IPA Media Carbon Calculator 

    The Media Carbon Calculator calculates the carbon emissions associated with a media plan based on the media mix. It uses a range of data sources, including DEFRA electricity emissions factors and device power outputs and energy intensity, to determine the carbon footprint of a media plan at channel level. Available to IPA Accelerator agencies for an additional £500.

    Accelerator logo

    Use of the IPA Accelerator logo (please email 

    IPA Accelerator listing

    Include your agency logo, with a click-through to your website, on the IPA Accelerator listing page

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    How can I find out more?

    Please contact Lisa Jones.

    Lisa Jones

    Head of New Business


    0207 201 8277

    Last updated 01 May 2024