Starting and running your own agency is exciting but demanding, which is why the IPA is on hand to help.

The IPA Accelerator scheme is designed to give up-and-coming agencies whose gross income is less than the £500k required for IPA membership* some guidance, help and inspiration as they grow their businesses.

Listed below are all the resources on offer to Accelerator agencies. We hope that, in due course, our Accelerators will progress to IPA membership*, which opens up access to the full range of services and benefits.

(*Please note that being part of the Accelerator scheme qualifies an agency to describe itself as an IPA Accelerator agency but not as an IPA member or member agency – the IPA Accelerator scheme and IPA corporate membership are different forms of engagement.)

Please direct any queries about Accelerator, or membership, to Alex Buxton,

Resources on offer to Accelerator agencies

    Legal assistance

    Free copy of the IPA’s Ad Law book on advertising clearance.

    Access to the Accelerator Terms and Conditions for client contracts (pdf) and as word document.

    Access to the following consultancy/employment templates:

    Talent: Professional development

    Access to a CPD Diary for each employee.

    Member rate access to all IPA courses.

    Member rate access to the following four IPA qualifications:

    Free access for employees to the MIPA pathway towards personal membership of the IPA personal membership of the IPA.

    Talent: Recruitment and management

    Access to our Creative Pioneers apprenticeship programme and our annual Advertising Unlocked open day to help you find the stars of the future.

    Opportunity to advertise entry-level roles to over 70,000 students and recent graduates through the pioneering career app Debut.

    Free access to the IPA Job Board to advertise vacancies.

    Access to a list of possible HR consultants.

    Insight reports

    Free access to the following Insight Centre online reports:

    Publications and case studies

    Member rate access to IPA publications, case studies and best practice guides.

    Engage in IPA surveys

    Opportunity to participate in, and thereby receive output from, IPA surveys.

    Online communities

    Access to our online networks for Client Relationship and New Business professionals to participate in the debate around best practice and thought leadership.


    Member rate access to IPA awards, events, seminars and conferences (e.g. 44 Club, Business Growth Conference, Eff Week) at member rates. 

    Pitch protection

    Access to the IPA pitch deposit facility, as well as to new business best practice guidance.

    Accelerator logo

    Access to the IPA Accelerator logo (please email

    How much?

    Agencies with a gross income of less than £500k can join the Accelerator scheme free of charge for an initial 12-month period. Thereafter, the cost is £2,000 for each subsequent 12-month period in the scheme.

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    How can I find out more?

    Please contact Alex Buxton.

    Alex Buxton

    Head of New Member Acquisition

    Office Number

    0207 201 8274

    Last updated 08 September 2020