IPA backs programmatic project that benefits agencies

TAG TrustNet will improve the transactional transparency and accountability of digital media procurement.

The IPA has expressed its full support for TAG TrustNet, a new phase of TAG’s ongoing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) initiative, to improve the transactional transparency and accountability of digital media procurement.

The project uses blockchain technology, specifically DLT, to establish a common “truth” on metrics to improve the efficiency of reporting for all stakeholders, including the verification of TAG certification status for inventory. 

In terms of specific benefits to agencies, TAG TrustNet:

Improves programmatic planning and buying

  • Provides full transparency on your budget allocation and impression delivery across the programmatic supply chain.
  • Reduces wastage by allocating budgets to accountable network partners driving value.
  • Improves performance by accessing end-to-end supply chain impression data in near-real-time to identify optimisation opportunities.
  • Reduces risk to your client’s reputation by defining and verifying supply for quality and brand safety.

Reduces operational costs

  • Automates data formatting, reconciliation, reporting, leaving more time for analytics and optimisation.
  • Instantly activates business relations and log file sharing with trusted supply chain partners.
  • Significantly reduces time spent on legal, finance and administrative tasks.
  • Showcases your credentials with industry standards with industry-first live compliance reporting.

The launch of TAG TrustNet follows a twelve-month, cross-industry pilot programme initiated by JICWEBS, prior to its merger with TAG, and a subsequent industry consultation led by TAG with UK partners to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of DLT to increase trust and transparency in digital advertising.

While driving efficiencies, this initiative will also enable greater transparency in line with real, demanding regulatory requirements in a way that will allow us to regain the trust we’ve lost due to the evolving proliferation in this area.

Nigel Vaz, IPA President and CEO of Publicis Sapient

Says Adrian Lacey, Director of Policy and Standards, TAG: "As an early adopter of TAG TrustNet, you could play a leading role in demonstrating that programmatic advertising can be an effective, safe and trusted channel. You will get the opportunity to drive value by integrating your products and applications with the network and optimise your processes and define priority use cases that directly benefit you. You will also contribute to define the consortium network governance and operating principles to enhance accountability across the industry, improving brand safety, preventing fraud and piracy."

If you are interested in finding out more, contact the IPA’s Director of Media Affairs, Nigel Gwilliam, at [email protected] or TAG’s Adrian Lacey at [email protected]

Last updated 01 May 2024