We are the power behind the practitioners.

UK agencies, and the people who work in them, create some of the best advertising in the world. They deserve an organisation that safeguards, promotes and champions their success. That’s why they have us. We are the people behind the people who make UK advertising what it is today.

We are the organisation that dedicates every minute of its working life to helping UK agencies - the practitioners of advertising - do what they do better, more successfully and more profitably. Meaning that joining isn’t a duty or a philanthropic gesture towards the industry you’re a part of.

Being a member of the IPA makes hard-nosed commercial sense for your agency. At your disposal is one of the world's greatest repositories of advertising knowledge, covering thought leadership, best practice, continuous professional development, advertising effectiveness, media research & measurement, and advisory & legal services. It's no coincidence that so many successful agencies, from across the spectrum of disciplines, are members of the IPA.

The Power Behind The Practitioners. 

Last updated 01 May 2024