Commercial Certificate syllabus

This seven module, 8 hour online qualification will help you gain the skills you need to move up the career ladder with confidence, able to make key financial decisions within all departments of the agency.


1. The Language of Finance

Introduces the roles and responsibilities within a finance department as well as the key stages within the financial planning and reporting process

2. KPIs, The Key Metrics for Agencies

This module looks at Key Performance Indicators for agencies, including the different KPIs that can be used to measure any number of metrics across an organisation and their importance.

3. Fees – How Agencies are Paid

Explores how fee payment structures have evolved over recent times as well as both the advantages and disadvantages of various models of payment.

4. Finance and Production

This module looks at some of the financial processes adopted within a creative agency including the new business process, scope of work and payment process. It also examines a typical TV production process and the stages and tasks that need to be completed to ensure a TV commercial is delivered successfully.

5. Finance and Media Agencies

This module looks at media specific finance issues including credit insurance, client approval process and media bookings.

6. Contracting 

This module concentrates on some of the key points to be aware of when negotiating or complying with the terms of a contract.

7. Client P&L

This module looks at some of the financial terminology likely to be used by clients and the potential measures and metrics by which success could be measured.


Last updated 21 September 2020