CPD diary

What has been learned? How was it useful? When did you apply it? Where next?

The CPD diary is the heartbeat of every agency's Learning and Development Programme. By setting up an account on the IPA website, each member of agency staff creates their own personal record of their learning and development. Then, it's a matter of recording every programme they complete, the number of hours, what's been learnt, how it will be used and how useful it has been. The Diary can be synched to all devices to make it easier to keep an accurate record.

What qualifies as CPD?

It isn't just formal training courses and qualifications that count towards your CPD qualification. You can include any activity in which you develop yourself or another person.

So if you read a business book, go to an exhibition or seminar, give an internal talk, mentor someone, arrange coaching or even conduct appraisals, it can all go in your CPD Diary.

Access your CPD Diary


Last updated 01 May 2024