Training Forum

Be inspired and empowered when you attend one of our free informal sessions for CPD leaders

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These free informal sessions are for CPD leaders in member agencies to get together and compare notes. You'll be encouraged to discuss training issues, pool knowledge, share triumphs (and even disasters).

The session often includes guest speakers and attendance at any session contributes towards your CPD.

In the past subjects covered have included: 'CPD submission with Less Sweat' and 'How the IPA Commercial Certificate can boost your career'.

Attendees are invited to talk about any training issues they have and to pool knowledge on subjects that affect all member agencies. These might include well-being, diversity or retention of women. The idea is to share details of triumphs and, just as importantly, disasters.

The aim of the forum is that attendees, inspired by “the wisdom of crowds”, return empowered to their agencies, secure in the knowledge that CPD isn’t a business nicety, it’s a commercial imperative.

Training Forum dates

  • 09:15-11:00 on Wednesday 15th May 2019
  • 12:00-14:00 on Thursday 11th July 2019
  • 09:15-11:00 on Tuesday 10th September 2019
  • 09:15-11:00 on Wednesday 23rd October 2019
  • 11:15-14:00 on Wednesday 4th December 2019 (Christmas Lunch)

"I love going to the IPA’s Training Forum because I know it will always be informative, motivating and engaging. Trainers are of the best quality and content is tailored to our industry and current trends. The forum also offers an ideal opportunity to network and find out about other agencies and how they face common situations and issues. I would highly recommend the IPA’s training forum to anyone who wants to keep up to date and continuously learn in an interesting and varied way."