The rise and rise of Intangible Asset Value

EffWorks Global 2021

Annie Brown, Associate, Brand Finance, explores some of the highlights of the GIFT™ 2021 report and provides yet more proof of why brand building and marketing effectiveness matter.

Brand Finance has tracked global intangible asset value for 25 years, raising awareness and understanding of intangible value in the marketplace. The IPA has supported Brand Finance’s GIFT™ campaign over these years, which have seen intangible assets grow from $6 trillion in 1996 to $74 trillion today. Over the past year in particular, the total intangible asset value has grown faster than usual, by 23% versus pre-pandemic levels. COVID-19 and new ways of working have demonstrated the importance of people, innovation, reputation and brand for business, and strong brands have been a safe haven for capital.

Last updated 01 May 2024