Culture First quantified - new research on effectiveness culture in agencies and brands

At EffWeek 2018 we’ve published a quantitative analysis of the prevalence marketing effectiveness culture in agencies, brands and finance departments.

The research looked for the organisational attributes identified in our 2017 paper Culture First. Over 200 practitioners from both agencies and brands were surveyed to find out whether effectiveness culture was finding its way onto the agenda. Presented by Libby Childs of Greengrass Consulting, it aimed to broaden our understanding of what organisations are doing, or not doing, to improve effectiveness. 

Download presentation slides

During EffWeek 2018, and following the culture theme, we also presented research into the relationship between finance and marketing teams. You can also watch that presentation by Fran Cassidy.


  • To broaden and deepen industry knowledge and understanding of the current levels of ‘Effectiveness Culture’
  • To establish an industry baseline against which progress can be measured
  • To determine current practices around the behaviours identified in the 2017 study, exploring those which are helping and hindering the creation of an ‘Effectiveness Culture’
  • To investigate the interdependencies between stakeholders

Driving an effectiveness culture is about making an organisation stronger, fitter and able to deliver its targets.

Last updated 10 November 2021