Measuring effectiveness - three grand challenges

What are the biggest hurdles in measuring marketing effectiveness? Our partners at Google have identified three Grand Challenges that, if solved, would bring huge progress for marketers.

These three challenges are:

  1. Incrementality: proving cause and effect
  2. Measuring the long term, today
  3. Unified methods: a ‘theory of everything’

In the ‘Grand Challenges’ report, Google sets out why it is important to solve these problems; describes where leading edge marketers have got to on each question; and outlines the opportunities to make further breakthroughs.

It also outlines three common themes that are key to the overall future of marketing effectiveness, such as striving for the best, but embracing the possible; the critical importance of human judgement; and the need for transparency and clear communication.

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In this paper we’ll also go a step further and look just beyond those boundaries. What are the biggest unsolved problems that the industry is grappling with? And where are the opportunities to make real progress in the next three to five years?

Last updated 01 May 2024