IPA President's inaugural speech: Josh Krichefski

IPA President-elect Josh Krichefski to unveil adland agenda.

Join us and hear IPA President-elect Josh Krichefski set out his focus for the agency world over the next two years.

IPA President-elect Josh Krichefski will be setting out his thoughts on current industry challenges as he sets out his two-year presidential agenda with a live Q&A and public address on Monday 27 March at 3pm.

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We are living through an extraordinarily disruptive period which is reshaping the economic, social and natural environment. How we continue to adapt as an industry is absolutely crucial as to how we, and our clients, will survive and prosper in the years ahead.

Josh Krichefski, Global COO, EssenceMediacom and IPA President-elect


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As GroupM's CEO for EMEA and the UK, Josh led the EssenceMediacom merger focusing on culture, people, product, client growth and revolutionising the operating model. 

Josh is also trustee of The Talent Foundry, is on the board of the MS Society and is known for his advocacy work around mental health and workplace wellbeing. In this area, he has created a Manifesto for a new era of mental health in business, working with UK government to help businesses manage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. He is a long-suffering Arsenal supporter, lover of travel, music, theatre and film.

Last updated 01 May 2024