IPA Training Forum: Good Shout's Good Feedback

How to give the most meaningful feedback.

Feedback is a gift. When delivered brilliantly, it can enhance skills and improve performance, but when it gets personal, or when it's unsolicited, bad feedback can stick in someone's head forever.


This session will focus on the psychology of feedback and the biases often at play. We'll discuss extremes, and practice the best case scenarios. We'll even give feedback on feedback. As a result, you'll be left with a better appreciation of how direct and insightful feedback is probably the kindest professional act there is. 


Amy Kean is the CEO and creative director of Good Shout. She's also a bestselling author, poet, journalist, university lecturer, LinkedIn Top Voice, and Campaign magazine "trailblazer" for her work in diversity.  Amy worked in adland for 17 years, in senior creative and innovation roles at Havas, Mindshare, Publicis and Coty, before starting Good Shout. Good Shout is L&D that's grounded in immersion and sociological thinking. Amy's goal is to help everybody at work find their voice, regardless of identity and background, and to help people experiment better with their talent and ideas. 

Last updated 01 May 2024