IPA Training Forum: How to Prevent Burnout

Mental health expert Nick Jemetta shares his personal story of burnout.

In this virtual session mental health expert Nick Jemetta shares his personal story of burnout, and offers tips on how it could have been prevented.


Stress at work is normal and valuable - it motivates us to act. However, excessive and ongoing stress leads to burnout. In this 60-minute interactive talk, award-winning mental health speaker Nick Jemetta shares his personal story of burnout, and the practical preventative strategies he wishes he had known.

Date & Timings:

Tuesday 16 January, 10am - 11am via Zoom.


As Founder of Stories Matter, Nick ‘Fancy Dress Dad’ Jemetta is on mission is to change the narrative on the workplace experience - growing organisational resilience, engagement, and productivity.

Nick supports organisations in cultivating resilience and empathy in line managers, teams, and individuals. Equipping them to respond faster and perform better in our constantly changing world.

Drawing on 17 years of corporate experience in marketing and digital roles, and his journey from teenage introvert to business owner (via media stardom and corporate burnout), Nick knows the (super) power of resilience.

Nick is a multi-award-winning mental health campaigner, speaker, trainer, and facilitator.

Last updated 01 May 2024