IPA Training Forum: Loving High Standards

How to create successful cultures without losing integrity

This virtual IPA Training Forum session with Sam Pearce looks at how to become a high performing culture, whilst debunking the myths that surround it.


Loving High Standards explores the more powerful route to a high performing culture. By unleashing what is possible in people, and building cultures where people and high standards thrive, we can create higher performing agencies, and better success for our whole industry.

In this session, we will:

  • Explore the mindsets that lead to un-psychologically safe workplaces.
  • Understand how being a good person can in fact be the shortest route to high standards.
  • Look at the key skills required to embed this in agencies.

In such a competitive industry, we need to be our best to thrive. It’s also an industry with endless myths about how hard it is to be the best; hustle culture, all-nighters, bruising clients, even more bruising creative directors. It’s long had an association with needing to be ‘tough’ to succeed. And these myths have led many to believe that this is the only way to create great work. That we must be alpha, dominant taskmasters to achieve brilliant things. When nothing could be further from the truth.

The assumption that high standards and brutality go hand in hand is one of the most counterintuitive ideas we still hold. It leads to poor leadership, nasty behaviours, and negative cultures.

Date & Timings:

Wednesday 18 September, 10am - 11am via zoom.


Sam is an Executive Coach for the Creative Industries. He works to bring clarity, creative thinking and commitment to exceptional leaders. He’s passionate about creating stronger, more successful agencies & businesses, and has coached 100s of people across dozens of organisations around the world. His work spans executive coaching, talks and workshops.

Before working as a coach, he worked as an Account Man at adam&eveDDB, Mother and Havas on some of the world’s biggest brands. He is also an actor and improviser, and founding member of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival sell-out Choose Your Own.

Last updated 09 July 2024