Neurodiversity in Creative and Tech

IPA Training Forum

The advertising and tech industries thrive on thinking differently, which is why neurodivergent thinkers have so much to offer. In this thought-provoking talk, you will discover the benefits and challenges of neurodiversity in the workplace.


Wednesday 18 October: 10am - 11am

  • 10am - 10.45am - Lucy Hobbs
  • 10.45am - 10.55am - Loveday Weller


Lucy Hobbs

Lucy Hobbs is an AuDHD (Autistic and ADHD) Creative Director and Founder of The Future is ND, who has worked as an art director and writer for over 20 years at some of London’s best-known advertising and digital agencies.

She discovered her neurodivergence late in her career and initially hid it for fear of stigma. Then had a change of heart after speaking openly at an industry conference in 2018. She then recognised the need to create a safe space for NDs to raise their voices and to collectively overcome stigma and fear of discrimination.

Loveday Weller

Loveday Weller is a communications expert based in London. Since receiving her ADHD diagnosis two years ago, she has been on a personal mission to learn as much about the condition as possible to better understand herself whilst sharing her experience along the way. 

Lucy advocates through a program of regular events, consultancy work, and creative projects – all to educate and inform organisations and society to embrace and empower a more neurodiverse workforce and world.


With stories from members of The Future is ND plus insights into autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and more, we will explore how small changes and a commitment to neuro-inclusivity can make a huge difference to organisations that pride themselves on creativity and an alternative perspective.

  • What is neurodiversity? Including social and medical models of disability & history.
  • Why we must embrace neurodiversity - inclusion, equity and the benefits of including neurodivergent people.
  • The reality – the challenges that neurodivergent people face in the workplace and life.
  • How can we be more (neuro) inclusive?

Loveday Weller: Ten things I’ve learnt since I was diagnosed with ADHD. 

  1. Diagnosis isn’t the destination it’s where the real work starts. 
  2. Not to focus too hard on the deficits. Explore the magic.
  3. My reasonable adjustments and finding support available. It’s there if you know where to look.
  4. Celebrate the “wins”. 
  5. Sustaining hyperfocuses. 
  6. Finding a tribe. 
  7. How to rest and recharge properly. 
  8. Shake it off: find a form of exercise you can do regularly and consistently.
  9. Medication being a much smaller part than I anticipated. 
  10. Shifting the shame and shining.


Last updated 01 May 2024