Making Martech work harder webinar

How to best navigate the martech space

The average CMO spends 24% of their marketing budget on Martech, but just how effective is this? In an increasingly digital world, facing waves of both emerging and disruptive technologies, Martech needs to be central to any marketer’s agenda.

Martech is a core marketing discipline, and this webinar is your opportunity to learn how to best navigate the space.

Join Carlos Doughty, CEO of the Learning Experience Alliance (LXA) as he runs through the core components to auditing and building a robust marketing technology strategy. From platforms to people, this webinar will cover:

  • How to marry your martech strategy and initiatives with your broader marketing and business goals.
  • Building a modern marketing team for a martech world.
  • How to navigate the landscape of 11k marketing tools - from vendor selection to implementation best practice.
  • The ingredients to marketing operations best practice for a tech.

35% discount for IPA members on the Advanced Certificate in Martech

Want to learn more about Martech? IPA members receive a 35% discount for the Advanced Certificate in Marketing Technology delivered by LXA, which has been designed to provide you with a holistic overview in 6 weeks of the what, why and how of Martech. 

About Carlos Doughty

Carlos Doughty

Carlos has a decade+ in marketing across; martech consulting, marketing solution services, audience development & monetization, events & courses. He has worked with clients across the globe from New York, Singapore, Hong Kong to Beijing, Brussels, Paris and London. He has worked clients including the world's largest law firms, agencies, manufacturing, financial services and media companies, as well as tech start-ups.

This was before launching LXA, Learning Experience Alliance (formerly MarTech Alliance), an education business; events, courses and resources for martech, salestech and nexttech.

Today he trains some of the world’s leading companies in martech and marketing operations including Facebook, Tiktok, Coca-cola, Shell & WPP to name a few. He also produces a series of reports, weekly news and regional landscapes on the martech space. Carlos is also a regular featured presenter and has delivered a series of leading marketing & tech sessions online and in person in Helsinki, Delhi to London. He was also named 2020 Marketing Technology Business Leader of the Year (UK).


Last updated 07 December 2023