Making Sense: The Commercial Media Landscape 2022 Launch

Simon Frazier, Head of Marketing & Data Innovation, IPA, will be launching the fourth edition of the IPA's Making Sense.

Without question, the events of the last two years and the impacts of COVID-19 have had a dramatic impact on the advertising industry and the ways in which we work to understand changes in consumer behaviour and marketing effectiveness.

Prior to March 2020, understandings of changes in commercial media usage were very much evolutionary, and followed established trajectories based on years of data and analysis of audience behaviour.

Now, as we move beyond lockdowns, is this still the case? Did the old normal completely disappear, or is commercial media consumption back on the same track?

Simon Frazier, Head of Marketing & Data Innovation, IPA, will be delving into these questions and more as we launch the fourth edition of Making Sense: The Commercial Landscape.

In this webinar, we'll be exploring:

  • The growth and decline trajectories of commercial media channels in recent years, and how COVID-19 shifted the status quo
  • The impact of changing device usage, and why context and engagement are now more important than ever in building effective campaigns
  • Where brands should focus their research, attention and effort to continue to thrive post COVID-19

We’ll also be hearing from Andrea Villani, UK Managing Director, Appinio who will be talking through some of their new research on how subscription media is evolving and what it means for the advertising industry.

Simon will then be joined by a panel of experts to discuss and dissect the findings of the research:

Peter Buckley, Connection Planning Director, Facebook

Sophie Gale-Evans, Business Director – Connections Planning OMD

Suzi Kilka, Media Account Director, ima Home

Tessa LeGassick, Head of Connections Planning, Hearts & Science

The media landscape has never been more crowded and complex than it is today -  make sure you join us to learn the most effective ways to navigate it.


Last updated 01 May 2024