SXSW 2024: Accelerationists, Effective Altruists or others?

Highlights and key findings

The preeminent emerging technology conference in the world, SXSW 2024 has again called upon it's global creative community to identify innovative new ideas. Join Craft Media, Dimension Studio and The&Partnership to hear their lessons from Austin, Texas.

SXSW 2024 Highlights - London

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from three agencies, plus our very own IPA Director of Media Affairs Nigel Gwilliam, about the top highlights and key findings from this year's SXSW. Featuring presentations from;

  • Lauren Dyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dimension Studio
  • Oliver Feldwick, Head of Innovation, Partner, The&Partnership
  • Sam Fowler, Chief Strategy Officer, Craft Media London

While there are thousands of participants in hundreds of sessions over the course of the ten days, key themes tend to emerge each year.

2022 was all about Web3, crypto and the metaverse, and following the epoch defining rise of OpenAI and its ChatGPT, 2023’s conference witnessed the return to centre stage of artificial intelligence. 

But AI is just one of 24 conference tracks at this year’s South By. It was accompanied by XR, Climate Change, 2050 and psychedelics, amongst many more.

Join us for your window into SXSW 2024, and an opportunity to ask our panel of speakers all of your South By questions.

Aren't able to join us in London? We will also be visiting the following cities around the UK;

Last updated 01 May 2024