Magic And The Machines

AI and AR are here to stay. So do you carry on as normal, or find out how to transform into a technology business with the support of the IPA?

IPA President Sarah Golding is on a quest to help you embrace and implement AI and AR into your client campaigns. Magic And The Machines will help you find out how can you use new technology in your advertising to achieve outstanding results while developing a deeper understanding of how it works.

The future is an exciting place

We are moving into a new creative era. One that can seem complex and daunting but one that is going to completely change the way we target and speak to our audiences. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) is here and already being used by some pioneering Adlanders and marketers.

Over the next few years the IPA will be hosting a dedicated series of inspirational talks and deep dive learning to ensure you can talk to your clients about AI and AR as well as having the know-how to work with these intelligent tools.

IPAi programme 2018

A date for your diary: How to be Human - 22 November 2018 

Like other industries, marketing is at the early stage of a tech-driven disruption. As AI develops and takes over more and more functions, agencies are asking themselves how to respond. The debate is polarising around two options: to carry on as normal, or to transform into a technology business.

We believe there is a third way: to form a partnership with AI which enables us to move up the value chain. In order to do that, agencies need to be able to define, cultivate and enhance their uniquely human capabilities, both as collections of talented individuals and as human collectives. We believe that is the path to growth. This seminar is about how to be human – and win. 

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The IPA Digital Performance Certificate 

This certificate is for Foundation Level delegates and is a best practice guide in digital performance, marketing, strategic planning and client management. The learning modules will cover making the case for performance marketing channels, taking a client brief, audience planning, setting objectives, PPC, Display, SEO, Affiliates, reporting and analysis, managing channels, time and clients.

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More events will be announced soon.

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