Account/Project Manager at Indie Agency

Job description

Love corporate red tape?

Enjoy being a small cog in a big machine?

How about being micromanaged?

Or not having the flexibility to slot work around family stuff?

Nope, didn’t think so.

You’ve been working in ad agencies long enough to know what you’re doing, but you need more autonomy. More trust to find answers to problems yourself.

Your previous experience might make people think you're a bit of a Frankenstein, but the line between Account and Project Management has become blurred. And anyway, we like people with a varied history. This experience has made you equally comfortable persuading a client to buy an unconventional idea and getting your hands dirty in a Gantt chart.

And if you’re a parent returning to work, we’re flexible. This could be full-time at 37.5 hrs per week, or flexi-part-time as little as 10 hrs per week. If you’re our Frankenstein, you’ll get all the flexibility you need.

Support and influence.

You’ll report directly to Paul; the MD, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to influence how we do things. If you spot a better way, you’ll be allowed to make it happen. You’ll have the space to get on with the job, but we’ll never assume you know everything from day one.

Training and support.

Most people like the idea of getting better at what they do, so you’ll be supported with an annual training budget of £2,000 to spend on whatever personal development you want.

Hybrid or remote? Kinda both.

We operate a weird mix of hybrid and remote work. Annoyingly, there isn’t a name for it. As a minimum, we all get together in person for 2 days a month in London. Apart from that, you can work from wherever you want. We also get together for 1-2 days a week in London, but that’s optional.

The role will suit you if.

You’re from a large ad agency background.
You don’t want to travel into London every day.
You’re a parent coming back from a career-break.
You’re from a minority background and been thwarted by unconscious bias.

A bit about us.

We’re an independent ad agency with a reputation for making distinctive advertising for Underdog clients. We bring fun, irreverence and a touch of chutzpah into our work and culture. Our clients are household names and scrappy wannabes on the way up. But they all have one thing in common; they’re all Underdogs with something to say.

How to move things along.
Email [email protected] with your most recent CV (even if it’s not fully up to date). The process will look like this:

• Mitch will follow up with a 10-20 min phone chat
• A 60 min Zoom with Paul our MD to talk through your experience
• A 60 min face-to-face meeting with Paul and Jim our Creative Director

Everyone will get a response.

Application deadline: 5pm on 12th July 2024
Zoom and in-person interviews: 15th to 26th July 2024
Role offered: By 2nd Aug 2024

We don’t believe in 9 rounds of interviews, only to be told you were a ‘close second’. Ergh. We won’t ask you to prepare a presentation for the interview and we won’t ask you to complete a skills challenge. Instead, we like to sit and talk with people. Old school, innit.

If you’re a recruiter and you’ve got this far down the page. We don’t deal with recruiters, so please don’t get in touch. Yes even you, the worlds best recruiter.

The Package

Job Title. Account/Project Manager
Salary. £35-45k + new biz commission
Location. UK. Hybrid (2 days a month in London)
Type. Full or part-time

Other perks.

Extra-holidays. Two company-wide holidays; 2 weeks off at Christmas and 1 week off in August. Plus (yes plus) the statutory 28 days.

Healthcare. Private healthcare provided by BUPA.

No super cool ninjas. Absolutely no table football, bean bags or any of that other stuff companies seem to think makes them special.

Sabbatical. A 6-week sabbatical on full-pay, on top of holidays, once you’ve been here a while.

Travel. Occasional travel to the French Alps, because Paul (the MD) lives there and thinks it’s the bee’s knees.

The Agency

Indie Ad agency, getting Underdog brands noticed.

We’re an independent Advertising Agency with a reputation for making distinctive advertising for Underdog clients.

We bring fun, irreverence and a touch of chutzpah into our work and culture. We are a small and friendly team.

We’ll revel in unsettling the top dogs. But they’re not our target; their customers are.

Get noticed, or else.

We specialise in getting Underdog brands noticed. Because no matter how clever or snazzy your product, if you're ignored then everything else is academic.

But what's an Underdog mate?

They're between 3rd and 10th in their category market share.
The status quo isn't working for them.
They have something to say that's worth hearing.
We started the agency in the midst of the financial crisis of 2009, and we've been making smart decisions ever since. We're based in London and in Annecy, France.

Values, innit.

We like to keep things very simple, and over the years these 3 values (principles if you will) have kept us on the straight and narrow.

Have fun.
Try to make some money.
Make interesting work.