Campaign Manager

Job description

The Role -

Proving to clients that their campaigns have been posted, played-out and displayed correctly is an increasingly important element to our business. This role within the Hub team manages the process of ensuring that our client’s campaigns are displayed correctly, on time and to the highest quality. They provide support to the planning, investment, finance, and technical teams. They steward the production process and the inventory that is booked for our campaigns and flows through our systems. The team will increasingly lead the verification of campaign posting and play out reports for our campaigns, reconciling when discrepancies are found. Building relationships internally as well as with media owners and suppliers is essential for managing the end-to-end campaign process and addressing any issues that arise. The team are encouraged to contribute to always striving to make our internal processes as efficient as possible.

Responsibilities are split into two parts campaign management supported by general systems and data management:

Campaign Management:

- Set up formation of any new Brands or Advertisers onto Netsuite, that derive from an existing financial entity
- Produce Production reports to be sent to agency / client with artwork deadlines
- Upload & check frame lists from media owners into Plato, work with media owners and internal teams if issues discovered
- When not received on time, chase media owners for upsites data
- Provide Posting Instructions to PC&Ds / media owners
- Providing design allocations details for classic and digital
- Co-ordinate printing with SMP or other printers
- Manage TfL artwork approval process
- Communicate to Planning, Investment and Finance teams if any problems with campaign preparation
- Ensure campaign data in Plato is clean and up to date as much as possible
- Ensure campaign frames adhere to expected quality standards, address with media owners when needed
- Distribution of frames in upsites and posting reports matches to bookings and adheres to HFSS, prohibitions, blacklisting, juxtaposition and duplication where applicable.
- Provide support to planners, investment and Finance in highlighting errors in Plato
- Organise inspection of sites and campaigns when required.
- Deliver any proof of posting photos
- Communicate to Planning Teams if any problems with campaign
- Manage and analyse posting reports for classic frames. Where issues are spotted these should be raised and managed for a suitable outcome for the client.
- Delivery and analysis of inspection & verification data; results to planning & Investment teams
- Assist with managing the verification of digital play out reports and their report findings.
- Flag and manage if any processes are not being adhered to ensure Talon excels at campaign delivery

Systems & Data Management:

- Inventory management – checking Space is correct.
- Managing non-Space inventory in Plato & Atlas
- Manage Talon blacklisted sites
- Monitor inventory in Space and non-Space inventory ingested into Plato to ensure it is up to date and correct.
- Provide data as required by industry bodies eg to Nielsen
- Work with the rest of the Hub team to ensure work is shared and completed correctly for the whole business not just allocated patch of business
- Assist in training and developing any new starters or junior members of the team when applicable.

Behaviours/Skills/Knowledge/Personal Attributes:

Type of technical, specialised, professional skills or personal attributes that are required to achieve the key outputs above. Some examples are:

• A forensic attention to detail is essential to deliver successful client campaigns without errors.
• A good understanding of UK geography is helpful to assist with the distribution of campaigns.
• Ability to manage expectations and people in time-pressured situations
• Ability to clearly communicate written and verbally
• Dedication and pride in your work
• Ability to work as part of a team and build good relationships with external suppliers
• A passion to deliver the best campaign delivery in out of home

Qualifications and Experience:

- Out of Home industry experience is a benefit but not essential
- A good standard of written and spoken English
- Excel skills are important
- Understanding and using data is a benefit but not essential

The Package

Life Assurance
Health Insurance
Parental Leave
Lifeworks perks
Financial advice
GP appointments
Private Medical Cover
Birthday leave
Wellbeing events
Employee Assistance Programme
Holiday Trading
Eye care vouchers
Time off to Volunteers
Home Set up

The Agency

Talon was founded in 2012 with an ambition to create an independent global Out of Home agency providing uncompromised advice and delivery for our clients. The Out of Home sector is going through transformational change fuelled by investment, digital and data. Our mission is to help our clients get the best out of this environment.

Talon is an equal opportunities employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all individuals can thrive. We seek to employ and develop a workforce representative of the markets that we serve and brands that we represent.