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New biz is exciting, but it pays to be careful you don't give all your ideas away for nothing. We understand the pitch process and protecting your agency's work when it comes to pitching is just one of the ways we can help.

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We can help you with the complexities of the pitching process. Not with the emotional stuff but with the nitty gritty. And there's a lot to think about. Do you know the size of the shortlist? Have you asked for a financial contribution? Do you know how to protect your IP rights? The Pitch Centre is where you can get all the support you need.

Begin by immersing yourself in the IPA/ISBA industry-agreed guidelines at The Good Pitch and view The 6 Principles 

One of the areas you'll need to think about is protecting copyright. English law provides that copyright will automatically exist in all literary, artistic, musical and dramatic work. And it will automatically continue to exist in the designs, drawings and illustrations you present on a pitch. However, copyright does not protect ideas or strap lines. So, it's a good idea to take these 4 simple steps to protect your agency's work, just in case there is an infringement.

Step 1

Ensure all material submitted is clearly labelled with a copyright sign - © and the year of creation.

Step 2

Date all material produced and keep a record of who produced it. Conserve all working drafts.

Step 3

Consider registering the work and ideas online with the IPA Pitch Protection Scheme. As we are currently updating the IPA Pitch Protection Scheme, you can email with the following details:

  • Client name
  • Product
  • Producer's name 
  • Key concept

All registrations receive an ' IPA certificate of registration' which can be attached to the work submitted on a pitch.

Step 4

Enter into a Pre-pitch NDA Agreement, which contains mutual non-disclosure clauses.  It's a mutual agreement so both parties undertake not to disclose any of the other’s information.

For more information visit The Good Pitch