IPA reaction to Government plans to push ahead with C4 privatisation

IPA Director General Paul Bainsfair is 'deeply disappointed' by the Culture Secretary’s decision.

The IPA has issued its reaction to the Government's decision to press ahead with plans to privatise Channel 4.

Says Paul Bainsfair, Director General, IPA:

"We are deeply disappointed by the Culture Secretary’s decision to push forward with plans to privatise Channel 4.

"This move will result in the loss of the significant benefits that Channel 4 offers including its unique access to audiences; its innovative approach which drives the marketplace; and its commitment to diversity and inclusion that delivers for British business. Instead, we now face the risks privatisation could bring regarding competition and media plurality.

"As we said back in our response to the consultation in September 2021, Channel 4 is a success. Its purpose-driven programming is good for society and it’s good for culture, and crucially, to the IPA, our members and their advertiser clients, it’s good for business. We see no upside but significant downside to privatisation.

"We therefore very much support the AA’s proposal to Government to publish a comprehensive impact assessment, in line with Better Regulation principles, to take into account the impact of privatisation on the TV advertising market."

The IPA continues to monitor and respond to Government consultations, where appropriate.

Last updated 01 May 2024