Get to know our new members - June 2020

A Q&A with some of the newest members of the IPA community.

Mellor & Smith joined IPA membership recently. Here, we get to know our new members.

Mellor & Smith

Describe your agency in a photo.

Mellor & Smith.jpg

Quickly describe your agency in no more than five words?

A rule breaker and fame builder.

What’s the most important thing to your agency?

Being a pain in the ass, because if you're being a pain then you're probably asking the right questions.

What does the future of advertising look like to you?

A dogs dinner. There are way too many ninjas, pioneers, hackers, gurus and whiz kids. And not enough old-fashioned creatives.

What industry issue is keeping you up at night?

The constant reduction of fees.

Advertising is...

...supposed to be fun.

Why have you joined the IPA?

We wanted to hold hands with our contemporaries.

Last updated 01 May 2024