The Importance of Wellbeing Strategies

IPA Training Forum

This IPA Training Forum discusses why wellbeing at work needs to be taken seriously, and the actions you can take to improve the productivity and happiness of your employees and your company.

We had such a variety of different perspectives on the topic of wellbeing, from Katie Lee, Chief Operating Officer at Wavemaker, and Kim Palmer who launched the hypnotherapy app Clementine, to Joe Ryle, Campaign Director of the 4 Day Week Campaign and finally to Lee Chambers, who set up his own wellbeing consultancy Essentialise.

Despite the range of perspectives, there was a common thread running throughout each talk, which was the undeniable need to take wellbeing at work seriously and to implement well-considered strategies, as not only do employees expect it, but it is vital to the productivity and happiness of the company as a whole.

Katie Lee who worked alongside Kim Palmer as Chief Operating Officer at Clementine, kick-started the session by discussing the conception of Clementine and the working practices they put into place when running it.

They - alongside the other speakers - made some extremely salient points, such as:

  • The need to have open and honest discussions with your team about what triggers them, and allow employees to work in a way that minimises these triggers
  • They introduced the idea of raising the white flag – if you are really struggling, there must be the option to communicate this to your team in an easy way with no fear of judgement – therefore it’s important for those in positions of leadership to pave the way
  • The idea of token wellbeing initiatives not being enough, you really need a well-considered wellbeing strategy and be able to measure its effectiveness whilst ensuring that it is inclusive
  • A 4 day week has proven to either be more productive or just as productive as a 5 day week, and better for employee wellbeing

Here is the recording of Kim Palmer and Katie Lee’s discussion:

Kim Palmer & Katie Lee, Clementine - IPA Training Fourm from The IPA on Vimeo.

Watch the full recording of the event
Last updated 01 May 2024