Step into Adland

Discover the exciting world of advertising

Just like a TikTok creator, with the help of the IPA Step into Adland open day, you too can discover the exciting world of advertising, unleash your creativity and find the right role for you.

Step into Adland, in partnership with TikTok for Business, is designed to actively engage and inspire young, diverse individuals to step into the dynamic world of advertising. By strategically meeting these individuals where they are most present, Step into Adland harnesses the power of TikTok and content creators to demystify the advertising industry, making it accessible and appealing to a broad spectrum of talents from diverse backgrounds.

Four TikTok content creators visited five handpicked IPA member agencies to create engaging content showcasing the advertising industry, its diverse roles, and work culture. The call to action from these videos was to sign up to Step into Adland – a day at an agency learning about working in advertising and working on real agency briefs.

Watch the highlights from Step into Adland 2023

Step into Adland 2023 from The IPA on Vimeo.

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Last updated 09 May 2024