Data & Effectiveness Lead, Commercial Strategy Team, ITV, UK

Sameer has spent his working life seeking, and sometimes finding, useful truths for marketers hidden in data; trying to reveal things about people that are both true and new.

In pursuit of this he has led analytics, measurement and data science teams and initiatives, in media and marketing firms as diverse as Google, WPP, Publicis, Engine, and, most recently ITV, working with every kind of data about people, from billion-user scale behavioural logs to survey, qualitative and UX research.

Sameer has also worked as a creative planner and comms strategist across many categories, audiences and scopes, from in-country to global, striving to turn all that information into a moment of human connection and, more recently, to build machines to help others find those moments for themselves.

Put this together and you get someone who is as happy in a creative team's office, or in front of a whiteboard with a bunch of data scientists - in both cases, quite possibly, talking about where the comma should go to make it work better.

Last updated 22 January 2022