Effectiveness Awards

Marketing effectiveness is not just a 'nice to have', it is a key factor in business growth.

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The IPA Effectiveness Awards are the world’s most rigorous and prestigious awards attracting entries from around the globe including Canada, Australia and China.

Every two years, The IPA Effectiveness Awards celebrate and showcase communications agencies, media owners or advertisers that successfully prove that their work achieved outstanding results.

Winning entries form part of a permanent database of Effectiveness Case Studies that become a uniquely credible resource for anyone looking for examples of commercial creativity that works.

Why enter?

You'll not only achieve fame and glory for your agency or your company, but you'll have proof that what you do works. And that is a powerful message to share with prospective clients in pitches or can give you a strong case for defending or increasing budgets.

Who can enter?

Entries are welcomed from communications agencies, media owner or advertisers around the world. They can involve any product category, country or size of budget. Brand activity can be anything from advertising to sponsorship or digital experiences to the development of new products or service. We also encourage entries comprising more than one party and those from non-IPA members.

What you need to do to win

The key thing to remember is that entries will be judged on how well they have demonstrated that work was effective and paid back. Simply focus on presenting the evidence for why activity was effective as clearly and persuasively as possible.

As you can imagine, you need to be organised to create a successful IPA Effectiveness Awards entry. But don't worry, we'll give you plenty of help.

Help with entering the Awards

We'll publish a downloadable pack of everything you need to know about entering when the next Awards are launched in late 2019.

There will also be 'How to' guides, short films on recent winners and events and access to a mentoring service to help you craft a winning entry.

As a sample of our resources for entrants, see our How to write an IPA Effectiveness Awards Paper

View further useful advice Proving Effectiveness 

If you have any questions email awards@ipa.co.uk

Throughout the year we'll be offering IPA Effectiveness Awards Workshops to help you write your entries and increase your chance of winning.

Three of our 2018 judges give you useful tips in conjunction with WARC on "How to win over clients and prove effectiveness"

Good luck with your entry. Any other queries email awards@ipa.co.uk