Advanced Leadership and Delegation

All the training you need to be a good leader.

A learned skill like leadership is often overlooked in the creative business and people are thrust into leadership positions with no guidance on how to lead. This very practical course describes the different styles of leadership and the essential training you need to put them into practice.

Who is this course for?

Those with 5+ year's experience in the industry who has been told to 'demonstrate leadership' and who would like to do it effectively. We will send you a copy of "Shackleton’s Way" prior to the course - if you haven't read it already - which offers excellent lessons in leadership. 


This MIPA accredited course has been developed into a mini virtual programme over four sessions running every Tuesday and Thursday for two weeks.  Dates below. 

The full course is all about providing “agency leaders” with a proper understanding of day-to-day leadership skills. So it starts by explaining the difference between “management” and “leadership” which leads into the skills you need to lead your agency:

  • Situational leadership: different styles of leadership and when to use them 
  • Leadership qualities and themes: lessons to be learned from the experiences of others
  • Expectations of your leadership: internally and externally
  • Motivating your team: goal setting, delegation, everyday inspiration, meetings with purpose, feeding back
  • Developing your skill set: use of emotional intelligence, better influencing and listening skills, concentration techniques
  • Directing not drowning: long term priorities for the team, being gracious with people while ruthless with time, dealing with team stress
  • Leading without losing it: conflict, dealing with awkward feedback, delegating upwards, handling difficult people, conflict resolution

The course concludes with a case study so you can test new skills in likely scenarios. 

This is a MIPA accredited course.  There is an optional assignment afterwards which, on passing, will earn you one MIPA star. 

Course date

You will need to attend each of the four sessions. 

  • Session 1: Tuesday 4 May, 3.15pm - 5.30pm
  • Session 2: Thursday 6 May, 3.15pm - 5.30pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday 11 May, 3.15pm - 5.30pm
  • Session 4: Thursday 13 May, 3.15pm - 5.30pm 

Your tutor

Gwyn March, IPA CPD Consultant

Gwyn March has worked in and with agencies for over 33 years.  She is lucky enough to be an Honorary Fellow of the IPA and chair the IPA Training Forum.  She is the co-author of the IPA’s online modules on evaluating training, running effective appraisals, how to plan a training programme and how to have the best welcomes.   She has won various awards for the efficacy of her training. 

To her delight, Gwyn mans the Foundation Certificate helpdesk worldwide, and runs workshops on demystifying advertising.  She is an assessor for CPD Gold and tutors the Best Practice and Gold CPD workshops.  She is part of the team recasting the entire IPA Careers Portal.

Gwyn helps agencies with advice on their mentor schemes.  She tutors the very practical industry Time Management, Managing People and Leadership workshops.  She works with the IPA Diversity team on the female confidence boosting events ‘Stepping Into The Spotlight.’ Gwyn coordinates the industry trailblazers tasked with producing new Apprentice Standards. 

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Last updated 29 May 2024