Excellence in Leadership Course

Our Excellence level nine-part Leadership course, starting in September 2022.

A nine-part Leadership Programme drawing on the knowledge and experience of leading figures from across the breadth of the industry.

Who is the course for?

For board-level individuals in communication agencies of all disciplines.

What are the benefits?

  • The programme focuses on the key skills you need to run your agency’s business.
  • The course draws on the knowledge and experience of leading figures from across the breadth of the industry.
  • The nine sessions will help you build your skills across all the facets of strong leadership.
  • The programme's final session features a special panel session with industry luminaries on "What they wish they'd know when they started out".
  • An optional MIPA assignment based on the content of the course will merit successful individuals with 3 stars.


Running every Tuesday, the sessions will be as follows:

Tuesday 13 September 2022 (6pm - 7pm): Leadership in turbulent times (introductory drinks hosted by Course Chair).

Tuesday 20 September 2022 (5pm - 7pm): Effective Leadership: Demonstrating a return on your client’s investment.

Tuesday 27 September 2022 (2pm - 7pm): Transformational Leadership: Leading yourself and leading others.

Tuesday 4 October 2022 (5pm - 7pm): Creative Leadership: Building a Creative culture.

Tuesday 11 October 2022 (5pm - 7pm): C-Suite Leadership: Having a voice in the boardroom.

Tuesday 18 October 2022 (4.30pm - 7pm): Commercial Leadership: Creating value in your business and maximising revenue.

1 week break

Tuesday 1 November 2022 (5pm - 7pm): Innovation Leadership: Backing new ideas/brands with business.

Tuesday 8 November 2022 (5pm - 7pm): Today’s Leadership: How leaders can create a great place to work.

Tuesday 15 November 2022 (6pm - 7pm): What I wish I’d known when I started out.

You can read past Leadership course assignments that have achieved a Distinction on the IPA's Blog

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